Im SO pleased at how quickly my beloved old curmudgeon dog has improved after starting rehab at Sound! He just kept getting weaker in the back end, and I was afraid that we had run out of options. After starting underwater treadmill and laser therapy, he is doing far better than I ever thought he could. We recently started acupuncture with Dr. Knapp as well, and he clearly feels better after each visit. The staff is always so helpful and will take as much time as I seem to need to help me with all of my questions and worries. Dr. Eide has been amazing in helping me do everything I can to help maintain my oldster’s quality of life. I feel lucky to have these folks around.

Sarah J


Excellent customer service! Staff were friendly and knowledgeable.

Erik S


These folks saved me and Jade, my three year old German Shorthair Pointer, from having to answer the difficult question: “What do you do with a GSP that can’t run?”

Midway through her first upland bird season, Jade started to come up lame after every hunt. Four different vet visits later, she was diagnosed with right shoulder tendonitis. This was followed by a boatload of medical procedures intended to treat and heal the injured tendon. Prognosis was “no better than 50-50 that she would ever hunt again, After a four week period of confinement and an extended period of ever longer walks, Jade was cleared to return to the field. Within 25 minutes she came up lame again.

Fortunately I found Dr. Eide and her rehab team. Dr. Eide put together a comprehensive rehab plan for Jade. Vanessa and Jaime executed the plan over a period of months. Over this extended period, Dr.Eide, Vanessa and Jaime promptly responded to my numerous questions, referred me to dog rehab gear that I wanted to assist in the rehab program and consistently treated Jade like the princess she believes herself to be.

Jade hunted the entire 2017-18 upland bird season in very steep rough terrain without a hint of lameness. I am sure she would have pointed lots of Chukar but for the fact that she had to hunt with my two labs both of whom excelled in charging through the sagebrush scattering birds in all directions before they were ever in danger of being harmed. But most importantly the question of what to do with a GSP that can’t run is consigned to history thanks to Dr. Eide, Vanessa and Jaime. This is definitely the place to take a dog in need of rehab services.

Ann S


Very helpful and caring group of people. Jojo always has a wonderful time.

Joanne P


Patient and friendly staff and doctor. I took my dog in because he is showing signs of slowing down and I wanted to see if there is anything to help increase his mobility. Dr. Shaw took time to evaluate Willie, watching his movement and his response. Willie enjoyed his visit very much and was never scared or showed signs of nervousness.

Jessica C


We adopted Boon thinking her spinal cord had been severed in an accident and there would be no chance of walking. Turned out this wasn’t the case and after surgery, her rehab care has been in the expert hands of Dr. Eide and Vanessa. We couldn’t be more pleased with her care. Being a neuro patient, it is not always linear progress and there are plateaus. We appreciate the brainstorming and adjustments and our pooch keeps making progress. Who knew she’d be standing and walking on her own?!

Tracy H